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About Latinos ARE
(Activism, Representation, Education)

Latinos are the largest minority in the USA, with almost 20% of the population. One out of four Americans under the age of 18 is Latino, and they are underrepresented at all levels of the U.S. government, from local school boards to city and county councils to state representatives to the U.S. Congress. In the near future, the U.S. will have a president of Latino heritage. To increase Latino representation, we must encourage and educate our youth to participate in government activities and understand how laws are made and how the government generally works.

Latinos ARE (Activism, Representation, Education), a non-profit organization, is committed to preparing and educating our next generation of Latino Leaders and STEM professionals about the state policy-making process by providing internship opportunities to them in any of the three branches of the state government (executive, legislative, and judiciary). Latinos ARE is also committed to educating elected officials about the Latino culture and its influence so that they can legislate according to their needs.

Finally, Latinos ARE:

  • Family-Focused

  • Faith Oriented

  • Pro Law & Order

  • Hard Workers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • STEM Professionals (Scientists and Engineers)

  • Political

  • The future of this great nation

  • etc, etc, etc.


How to apply:

Please email us your resume/C.V. at with your major, year, and college you are attending or will be attending and approximate graduation date.



  • G.E.D. or High-school Graduate.

  • College student (graduate or undergraduate), or accepted to a college (if just H.S. Graduate).

  • Willingness to serve in the internships/fellowships in any of three branches of a state government (legislation, executive, and judiciary).

  • The location might depend on the local district or Capitol City office availability (for now, this is only offered in Pennsylvania).

  • Follow office rules and professional office decorum.

  • We reserve the right to reject any application.

Our Goals

Increase Latino and STEM representation in the three branches of the state government

Provide internships and fellowships opportunities to Latino and STEM grad and undergrad students in the state government

Educate legislators about the Latino culture so they have a better understanding of our needs and could legislate according to them

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